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Yoga Flow for you to Reconnect with True Self.

Reconnect Yoga with Noélle Cristina


Flowing from the flexion of Cat to the extension of Cow as you breathe deeply in and out improves your mind-body connection, as well as your sense of body awareness. Mind-body connection - We often think of the brain as controlling our muscles. This is true: those motor signals tell your muscles what to do. However, your nervous system is a two-way conversation. Your body sends tons of sensory signals to your brain. Yoga improves the mind-body connection by encouraging you to listen to your body. Spine Flexion and Extension - When your spine flexes, the front of your body engages while the back of your body stretches. When your spine extends, going into a backbend, the back of your body body stretches. Your spinal extensors are the main players in the extension. Proprioception is body awareness, particularly while moving through space. Your cerebellum constantly receives unconscious signal from your body about its position, while your cerebral cortex consciously deciphers where you are in space. Mindfully flowing between poses can help develop this awareness and improve balance. Inhalation or exhalation - Breath mindfully, coordinating your breath and movement; your nervous system loves this sort of integration. As a general rule, exhale when your ribcage is compressed (as in forward folds or twists), and inhale when your ribcage can expand (as in backbends). Book: Science of Yoga – Understand the anatomy and physiology to perfect your practice. Try to practice this pose at least 5 minutes a day you will start to notice a huge transformation in you body and mind. Simply Yoga. Yoga poses breakdown in an easy and simple way. Simply Yoga by Reconnect Natural Healing Natural ways to heal the physical body, mind body, emotional body, energy body and spiritual body. Noelle Cristina @IAmNoelleCristina
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