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Natural Yogic tips for a bright Summer!!

Embrace the vibrant energy of YOUSELF this summer.

Embrace the vibrant energy of summer while maintaining balance and harmony in your life. As the season entices us with endless possibilities, it's crucial to savor the moments without overwhelming ourselves. Discover a collection of natural yogic tips, meticulously curated to help you make the most of this season while avoiding burnout. Join us as we delve into strategies that promote self-care and ensure a fulfilling summer experience. Let's embark on this journey together and find tranquility amidst the summer buzz. help prevent the over-accumulation of summer qualities and allow you to enjoy the unique gifts that summertime has to offer.

Unlock the secrets to a blissful summer experience with our expertly crafted Natural Yogic Tips. Discover invaluable guidance to prevent the over-accumulation of summer's qualities, ensuring you relish in the distinctive gifts this season brings. Immerse yourself in transformative practices that will empower you to strike a harmonious balance, allowing you to fully embrace and appreciate all that summertime has to offer. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your well-being and make the most of this enchanting season.


tip 01

Stay light and fresh!

During summer the Agni, your digestion fire, is weak and needs lightness. To keep balance and harmony within your system is recommend consuming sweet, bitter and astringent flavors foods, more liquid and fresh diet.


tip 02

Stay cool like a cucumber!

To beat the heat and stay cool try to consume room temperature or cool water infused with mind, cucumber or lime, teas such as peppermint, licorice, fennel or rose. Iced drinks are best avoided; they disturb the digestive fire and create toxins in the body. Any kind of energy drink like coffee that overheat the body is recommend avoiding.


tip 03

Stay active, but not too much!

Summer can be motivated for high intensity exercise. And exercise is movement, and any kind of movement brings heat, during summer since the weather is already hot to find balance you need to cool down. To keep you system in balance and hormony try exercising early in the morning, when the atmosphere is crisp and cool. It’s important not to push too hard, try some outdoor yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, walk or exercise at about 50 – 70% of your capacity, breathing through your nose the entire time. Try spraying rose water before, during and after you exercise to help the body to stay cool.


tip 04

Take naps!

During summer is common that we get drain, and we find ourselves with low energy right after lunch. In Ayurveda, three pillars prescribed to achieve and maintain health, balance and harmony are sleep, diet, and energy management. So allow yourself to take a 20 to 25 minutes nap in the afternoon at least one hour after lunch, before 3pm.


tip 05

Enjoy Nature and water!

Nature and water will always keep cool and of course you’ll have fun.

Stay Cool and Bright this Summer!!


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