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Do you believe in soulmate? Are you trying to find yours but don’t know what to do and how start?

Well, if your answer was YES for both questions. This Soulmate Coaching program is for you. 

I’m sure that you have experienced a broken heart, losing a partner, an unrequited love, a betrayal, being disappointed by relationships that are not real and don’t last. Or maybe you are going from one relationship to another without finding the right match for you. We all face these kinds of things at some point in life. I’ve being there before. And I know how all this can be heavy and painful. Because of all this is normal that you start closing you heart to protect yourself from being hurt. But that also keeps you away from connecting deep and finding your true Soulmate. 

In this Soulmate Coaching program, you will:

  • Learn what is the meaning of a Soulmate relationship and why it is a really special bond and how to prepare yourself for.

  • Cleaning out the blockages in your heart and in your emotional body 

  • Heal your heart center. Anahata Chakra.

  • Why the past wounds are affecting your capability to attract love

  • How to forgive past relationship that hurt you in the past

  • Manifest the perfect soulmate for you in this lifetime

  • Identify and heal patterns and unconscious belief that are holding you back and now allowing you to attract the kind of relationship you desire.

Your soulmate is out there getting ready for you as well.

How does the program work? 

  • 4 Online 1:1 session. Every Friday at 7:30pm (one hour each).

  •  02/10 The Meaning of a Soulmate.

  • 02/17 Healing and Opening the Hearth. 

  • 03/03 Healing old relationship blockages.

  • 03/10 Manifesting and calling your Soulmate.

Energy exchange $450 

There only two spots available. To participate please fill in THIS FORM. If your profile is compatible with the program, you will receive an email. 

This is a powerful spiritual practice.

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Bring Love Into Your Life. Soulmate coaching program.

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