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Is your light that lights the world.

Each session is a 60 minutes Full body Reiki treatment. The treatment begins with a conversation creating an energetic bond with your Reiki practitioner. After the conversation where your goals are set you'll move, fully-clothed, to a massage table, or a chair, where you'll have your aura and chakra scan. The, the hands above Reiki treatment starts to replenish life energy. Clients feel lighter, more relaxed and hopeful.

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Even though matter seems solid, when we break it down to its smallest molecular particle, everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. When something vibrates at a slower frequency, it appears more dense. When something vibrates at a higher frequency, it's lighter, less dense. Many people go about their daily lives thinking that things only exist on the gross physical level of what they can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. There are those of us who only believe in the cold hards facts. So, here's something even the most scientific minds can agree on: the majority of what exists in the universe is unknown.
The Reiki healing uses the inherent natural universal energy within all of us to bring us into balance, reducing stress and bring healing. This natural healing technique helps alleviate many physical and emotional issues; it supports the body's natural balancing process. Reiki also increases the relaxation response so that the body can reset. 

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